Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Things I Learned From Our Move

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I can finally say the move is complete!  And by that, I mean, we are physically living in the new house and we legally own it and we're making payments... however, it still looks like we only started moving in yesterday.  I'll be honest, it's driving me insane.  I need several days all to myself (with several young strapping men) to get everything where it belongs and feel like I have a home.  Because as it is now, I feel like I'm living in a very expensive refugee camp.  At least it's a very nice refugee camp!

So, on to things I learned from selling one house and buying another at the same time.

  • I learned that I will never, EVER do this again.  I will either sell the existing house and get a rental before looking for the new house, or I will buy the new house first and keep the old house as a rental.  This has been h-e-double-hockey-sticks.
  • Selling a house, even if you're getting $30k in equity back, is expensive, and you'll walk away with no more than a third of that after everything's paid for.
  • Buying a house, even if you have a nice down payment and the monthly payments are lower than your old place, is also expensive.  Sure, you think it's in move-in condition, until you move in, then you realize you really cannot deal with the hideous dining room light fixture or the bath decor for one more minute.
  • No matter how perfect you think your house is, the inspector WILL find something catastrophically expensive wrong with it and require you to fix it regardless of if you have the money.  Something you never knew was wrong because everything always worked perfectly.  Good times.
  • Regardless of how many times you vowed to paint your next place before you unpack in it, you won't, because there's no time and no money.  You won't paint it later, either, because that would involve moving everything, and by this time you're so sick to death of moving things, you just can't bring yourself to do it.
  • These factors do not make you detest the bizarre supposed-to-be-off-white-but-is-more-like-light-yellow paint that covers every single wall in your new house any less.
  • Everyone who tells you that when the baby crawls, you're screwed... they're right.  Moving with a turbo-crawler is just flat brutal.
  • Even though you work hard to set the baby's room up first, and even try to get the layout similar to the old bedroom for continuity's sake, the baby will be thrown way off by the move itself and all the chaos and changes.  Therefore, he will not sleep.  For weeks.  If you wish to have additional children, you may as well go ahead and have/adopt a newborn during this period since you're up 8-10 times a night anyway.  Two birds, one stone.
  • The irony of the aforementioned sleep issues is that you will be so utterly exhausted from moving that you'll need sleep more than usual, not less, therefore you'll be a total zombie at work for several weeks (or months).
  • New appliances are awesome, but not until after they are actually installed.  Backorders, delivery issues, installation issues, and fine tuning are not all that much fun.  Having a brand new front-loader washer is fantastic, but not having a dryer for three weeks pretty much stinks!
  • It takes a LOOONNNNGGGGGG time to unpack when you only have an hour a day to do it.  Almost three weeks in the new house and I still have food I haven't unpacked.
  • When you pay all your bills via Quicken, which is loaded on your computer, and that computer is in storage for 2-3 months, you WILL miss a bill or two.  Regardless of what sort of system you've devised to stay on top of it.  With everything else going on, it just doesn't work.
  • Even though selling one place while buying another is a process that is riddled with stress, headaches, and endless questions and complications, it's also totally worth it once it's over.
  • A seven-minute commute (and that's if all the lights are red), versus the old 25-minute one, means having to gas up the truck every other week instead of every four days.  The jury's still out on what this equates to in terms of dollars saved, but it'll be significant!
  • A seven-minute commute also means not feeling like nodding off halfway through after a very difficult night of little sleep.  Bonus!
  • The ability to plop the baby in the stroller and walk for five minutes to arrive at a full size playground is awesome, especially when the baby shrieks and squeals every time the swing goes back or forth.
How's that for some hard lessons?!

Did I mention I'm never doing this again?

The good news is that I lost 20 pounds in three weeks thanks to the move in combination with an ill-timed bout of pancreatitis.  Gotta love that!

I haven't read many blogs since about April, when my computer went into storage.  What have I missed??