Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes

I felt better last night after I typed out the scary flight story and the hospital story. I tend to be really hard on myself about things, and so I'm realizing how much I ridicule myself about my fears. Some of them have some legitimate reasons behind them, like I explained in my last post.

Today, however, is a different story. I'm feeling very anxious again today and every time I think about takeoff, my stomach knots up. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. I'm actually really proud of myself for how far I've come in the last few weeks, but clearly I still have work to do.

In an effort to desensitize myself to the idea of flying, so that perhaps I won't want to throw up every time I think of it, I printed a picture of the inside of a plane like the one we'll be flying on. It's in a spot that I walk by several times a day. I'm still not completely comfortable with it, but I admit the barf reflex has weakened substantially. I also sought out videos on YouTube about how to cope with - or even conquer - a fear of flying. Those were actually extremely helpful. I learned some breathing techniques and some self-talk (as hokey as that sounds) that will hopefully keep me as calm as possible when the time comes.

I also secured some low dose Valium from my doctor and will be taking some of my favorite 'chill-out' essential oils with me, too. I'm also already planning what to pack in my carry-on to distract me.

I sort of wish I didn't have two more weeks to dread this. Let's get it over with already! Well, not the trip, just the flying part.

We did get one step closer to that yesterday when we finally located a place to leave our dogs while we are gone. We were going to have to drop them at a chain store, and I hated that with every fiber of my being. I did visit the place and the people were nice enough, but I just didn't like the cold mechanical atmosphere of it all. And, right or wrong, I don't trust 16 year olds with my 10 year old Chihuahuas. I just don't. And here's what Minnie thought of the chain place:

I must say that I agreed with her.

The girls have never been boarded before and I feel bad enough having to do it, but we did find a great place. It's a small kennel attached to the owner's house, so there's someone there all the time. And they will get some personal attention every day instead of just being stored in a cage. Much to my surprise, it is also cheaper than the chain place. Victory! Minnie will be much more pleased with our choice. 

There is even cable TV in each and every stall of the kennel. I am permitted to request specific shows for them to watch. This cracked me up, but the owner swears some people love it and do send lists of shows they watch at home so that their dog will hear something familiar.

So, one more thing crossed off the list. One less stressor on me.

But... why can't we drive there again???