Saturday, January 3, 2015

Poof, Christmas is Over

Christmas is - by far - my favorite time of the year. I love the magic and the kindness, the lights and decorations, the giving and receiving. And okay, I also love the time off work and the excuse to bake like crazy and then bestow the resulting goodies upon others, thereby making them happy. I do love to make people happy.

This year it came and went so quickly! I started counting down about two months beforehand, since my parents were coming to spend Christmas with us again this year and they were going to stay longer. We hadn't seen them in almost six months and I missed them terribly. (Being so far from them is still the hardest part about having moved away 14 months ago, but that's a whole other post.)

Before I knew it, the shopping was done (by the 21st this year, yessss!), and Mom and Dad had arrived.The day itself was wonderful as always. I'll get around to writing more about Christmas itself, I think, but tonight I feel compelled to write about today's process: the dismantling of Christmas.

This morning, I still had a tree in the corner of my dining room, Mary, Joseph and Jesus on the table, our Little People nativity set on the end table along with the Mickey Mouse that rocks in his chair and recites The Night Before Christmas, the stuffed dog that sings Blue Christmas and wiggles its bell-adorned tail tossed haphazardly on the floor days ago... you get the idea.

Today was the day I said I wanted to put everything away. And so after three hours of family teamwork, it's gone. It's amazing how much time and effort and money and energy goes into this one holiday season, and how quickly it all ends. Bam, gone until next year. It always makes me just a bit sad.

But... as I began to take down the tree, I had a very eager helper for the first time, which made the whole thing so much more fun, and maybe a bit maddening at times too, but we aren't focusing on that!

By the way, I admit I haven't shared nearly enough pictures here ever since the anti-adoption morons got to me a couple years ago. Here's me sticking my toe in the water, so to speak. Even when you can't see his face, is he not adorable, helping take down the ornaments he haphazardly but lovingly placed on that tree a few weeks ago?

Soon we were done and he went on about his business eating dinner and playing with race cars and helicopters as if we hadn't just boxed up the best time of the year.

I'm happy to have my house back. And... only 326 days until next Thanksgiving!