Monday, January 5, 2015

Apparently I'm No Spring Chicken?!

Last night, I was up until 3:00am. On a work night. On the last of my 11 days off. No, I didn't stay up until 3:00am during my little staycation. But for some reason, I could not slow my mind nor my body last night. Fidgeting, twitching, nervous movement of any sort both in my head and the rest of my body.


No idea.

But the end result was that I went back to work today on less than three hours of sleep. And it stunk every bit as badly as you would imagine. I am so very grateful that it was a slow day. Had it been one of my busy days, I probably would have made a lot of mistakes. Whew. Several co-workers did ask me if I was feeling okay, to which I replied that I was just really dragging due to getting three hours of sleep. One (younger) colleague replied, "you aren't exactly a spring chicken anymore, you can't party like you used to!" Oh, foolish boy, as if I've done anything that could be considered 'partying' in the last decade.

In unrelated news, I foresee him having some computer difficulties due to snipped wires tomorrow! Call it a gut feeling...

Tonight I tucked the kid into bed - later than usual - and have just climbed into bed myself. Actually... the more I think about it, the more I think I know what's keeping me in a state of mental and physical hyperactivity. But, if I start typing about it now, I'll be up later than I'd like. And I really need some sleep tonight. So without further adieu, I plan to pop one of my herbal muscle relaxers and drift off into (what I hope will be) a deep sleep.

I promise to fill you in tomorrow if I get some sleep.