Monday, March 10, 2014

They Should Call it Murphy Day...

Yes, this.  This day right here.  The Monday after Daylight Savings Time.  They really should call it Murphy Day.  As in Murphy's Law.  As in, whatever can go wrong, will, and so will twenty other things.


Daylight Savings is difficult enough with a toddler.  Here you have a creature who lives and breathes by structure and routine.  Suddenly and for no apparent reason, you change his clock and just expect him to automatically be ready to nap, eat, bathe, play, or throw his normal tantrum... an hour earlier than normal.  No explanation and no transition, just BAM.  You're going to bed an hour early.

This all goes over like a turd in the punch bowl, people.

Naptime and bedtime were both a fight yesterday, but we got through it, as we always do.  Fast forward to this morning.  I normally get up entirely too early (by my standards), which is 5:15, but today was basically 4:15.  That should be a crime.

And the day sort of went downhill from there.

I started to write a lengthy and detailed account of my day, but then I changed my mind.  Who wants to read every painful detail of a crappy day?  Not even me.  So here are the highlights.

  • The dryer guy didn't call as promised, and the lady at the office was completely rude to me when I called to check on things.  
  • She insisted they called me twice.  They did not.  This same company fed me the exact same line two months ago with regard to a dishwasher repair appointment.
  • I had computer problems at work.
  • I ended up taking a 2-1/2 hour lunch break because of the poor organization of the repair company.
  • I accidentally sat on a banana.  (Who does that?)  Baby food, anyone?
  • On my way back to work, I noticed the gas gauge in the car was on "E," which just completely agitated me, because I was already absurdly late and I am not the one who usually drives the car.
  • I decided to stop at Costco for gas for the first time, only to be rudely informed by a machine that my PIN was invalid. 
  • (I'd used that pin 10 minutes prior with no problems.)
  • Costco does not take credit cards, so I continued on to work, hoping not to run out of gas.
  • When I got back to work, a co-worker who was in the parking lot and saw me drive by walked over to my car and I watched in my mirror as he put my gas cap on and closed the gas door.
  • SIGH.  
  • Now I'm that idiot woman who drives two miles with her gas cap flapping in the breeze.
  • I almost fell over in the bathroom thanks to my ongoing ear issues.
  • I sped to another gas station after work - by this time the warning light had come on - and once again I was told that my PIN was no good.  Thankfully this time I was at a regular gas station that took credit cards.  Best I can figure, I had a half gallon of gas left.  No bueno.
And then... I made my way to daycare.  I walked out on to the playground where a half dozen rosy-cheeked little people played as snow flurries fell.  My little person spotted me immediately, yelled "MOMMY!" and ran all the way across the playground, arms outstretched, and flung himself around my legs.

Suddenly every one of those bullet points up there was forgotten.  

Sometimes in a total crapfest of day, that's all it takes.

I'm so lucky.