Saturday, February 15, 2014

The New Design is Up!

Well, how do you like the new look?!

First, my hat's off to Ashbee Designs and Custom Blog Designs for the custom characters and blog design, respectively.  I'd never worked with Ashley at Ashbee before, but I was blown away by what a great job she did capturing all of our appearances and personalities!  She was super easy to work with and obviously loves what she does.

And, this is probably the 5th or 6th blog design that Diana at CBD has done for me and she always does such a great job.  Plus, she's a super nice lady who once drove a motorhome all the way to Alaska to meet me.  Okay, maybe that wasn't the purpose of her trip, but we did meet in person while she was here.  So she's extra special to me.

I was actually kind of sad to see my old design go.  I had that basic design for over 3-1/2 years and I kept it that long because I loved it.  However, as the kiddo has gotten older, and some other things have taken place, I have become more concerned about privacy and making sure that I'm not rolling out the red carpet nutjobs on the internet to find my family.  Therefore, I decided that the photos of us in my header image had to go, and that custom characters would be a fun substitute.  And because of their more 'cartoony' appearance, they just wouldn't have looked right with my old header and design.

I also abandoned my old tagline, which was "enjoying the gift of parenthood through open adoption."  This also wasn't a decision I took lightly, because in a way it's accurate.  In another way, though, it's not entirely true.  We do still have an open adoption (and would never change that) but it doesn't look like I had hoped it would.  We don't have as much contact as I'd like and... well, to respect everyone's privacy I suppose I shouldn't say much more.  I also found myself feeling pigeon-holed into only writing about parenthood or adoption, while also feeling awkward and sort of guilty about writing about nothing else.  And that's a big part of the reason I haven't blogged much the last year or more.  

The new tagline, seen in the header above, makes me feel much more free to write about a variety of other subjects, which makes me really happy.  I wanted badly to write about my involvement in the Baby Veronica case, for instance.  And I'm excited to feel like I can write about something in the news, or something I saw on TV, or whatever.  Writing is enjoyable for me and it's cathartic, but for a while now I haven't felt like this was the right place to do it.  So I changed that.  

Which brings me to a quick comment on our Valentine's Day. We're not huge Valentine's Day people anyway, but this year we didn't even go to dinner or anything.  We had to work all day and then decided to spend the evening as a family, playing trains and eating take & bake pizza.  Romantic?  No. My favorite way to spend an evening?  Pretty much.  Besides, nothing could have outdone the gift I received the day before.  Aidan (who is 3, for any new readers I may have) was standing at the bathroom mirror brushing his hair.  When he was done, I asked him how he looked.  He said, "happy!" So I flashed a cheesy grin in the mirror myself and asked, "how does Mommy look?"


Cue the melting.  That's not a word we use a lot, so I'm not sure where it came from, but it hit me hard!  Just the other day, he told me that he got hurt and went to the doctor (we are big on making up stories lately) and that the doctor gave him a big bandaid, and then I kissed the owie and that made him all better.

My little boy thinks I'm pretty and that my kisses can fix him up better than a doctor can.

Hate to say, no amount of flowers or candy can top that.

Happy belated Valentine's Day!