Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Payoff!

Aidan's attitude and patience have slowly been improving all week, now that he's out from under Cody's influence.  Again I must say, I didn't expect the difference to be so swift OR so drastic.  But I could not possibly be happier.

His teacher has been filling out a grid-type chart each day this week.  It tells us how he was acting and feeling at each time of the day (early morning, snack time, late morning, lunch time, nap, afternoon, etc.).  It hahs been tremendously helpful for identifying what triggers his frustration.  And since the frustration itself has been melting away a bit, I'm hoping she won't need to do them for long.

Today I got this text from her:

Talk about making my heart sing!!  I knew this whole thing was stressing me out, but I really didn't realize how bad until it started to improve.  It's like 300 pounds has been lifted off each shoulder.  I have fallen in love with my son all over again.  (Not that I ever fell OUT of love with him, just that he was very difficult to be around, a lot, over the past few months.  And to think all this time I thought it was just the early terrible two's.)

Yup.  That's the face of hope.  And I'm soooooo glad to see it.


Mrs. Gamgee said...

Hooray! SO glad to hear that things are continuing in the right direction.