Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An Outstanding Read

(Image courtesy The R House on EtsyGo check their adoption stuff out!)

You must, must, MUST read THIS POST over at The R House - which is, by the way, one of my very favorite blogs!

Whether you're intimately involved with open adoption or barely know anything about it, you need to read this.  THIS is what open adoption is all about.  For all parties, it's about sacrifice, selflessness and most of all, pure love for a child.

This post (mine, not hers) is dedicated to all those people who sent me messages during all the pet-ition hubbub a few months ago telling me what an awful human being I am for adopting my son.  The same people who assumed that I was going to lie to him his whole life about who gave birth to him... and hide his original birth certificate from him (because apparently we're back in 1957 again).  The ones who compared me to a drug dealer or a pimp, or who accused me of buying my son.  And my personal favorite, the one in particular who 'informed' me that my son is irreparably damaged and will never be well-adjusted or happy in his life because I 'ripped him from his real family.'

Read that post and realize that open adoption, when done right, is an amazing, incredible, beautiful thing and that the children in these open adoptions are happy, well-adjusted, successful, and very loved!

Okay.  Putting my soapbox away.  For now...


S.I.F. said...

I remember the first time I found out there were people in this world who were anti-adoption. It completley blew my mind, and I still don't understand it at all. I am SO sorry you had to go through that!