Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Developmental Explosion

Before Aidan came along, I had all these thoughts and plans about how I was going to document his growth.  I was going to be the picture-perfect Mom, you know.  His baby book would be filled in with every new sound, action, expression, and measurement.  I'd write a blog every week about all the things he was doing, how I was feeling, on and on.  I'd write long, sappy letters to him and tuck them away in the aforementioned baby book so he could read them later and know just how much he was loved.

Well, not one of those things has happened!  Life gets in the way, doesn't it?!

Anyway, it is a whole new ballgame having another little human being in the house who is so... mobile.  Obviously we knew this would happen, but knowing and experiencing are two different things.  There are two CD/DVD racks in our living room that are off-limits, and it's pretty funny (read: aggravating) that the more tired or cranky he is, the more attractive they become.  He has 300 toys in the same room, but those racks are like Disney World when he's in a mood.  I would have moved them already if I had a good place to put them!  Another new development is the inclination to climb things.  He has several little ride-on toys (cars, firetrucks, etc)... he has figured out that if he rolls one of them to where he wants to reach something, he can climb up on it and reach his goal.  Thankfully, he usually has a reasonable fear to accompany this new found skill.

Almost a year after entering daycare, it was finally time for my little monkey to graduate from the baby room to the next one up.  Despite the painstaking effort of the daycare to introduce him to the new room gradually and gently, he took the transition pretty hard.  I was really surprised, as were his teachers in the baby room.  They kept telling me, "but he's so easy-going, he's so social, we didn't expect him to bat an eye at transition time!"  Who knows.  His first full day in the big-boy room was last Monday, and every day through the week he improved a little bit in terms of interacting with the other kids and handling things well.  Morning drop-offs are still a bit brual, but he's getting better.  I'm so proud of him, and the new room and new teacher are both outstanding.  We pay a ridiculous amount for child care, but knowing that your child is being well taken care of, that they are genuinely loved, and that they are learning and spending time in such a positive environment is priceless.  It's a church-affiliated daycare, so I like that he's getting exposure to the Bible and everything that goes with that.

Speaking of daycare, I've been particularly impressed with how much they have taught him in sign language.  I always wanted to do this with him, but as with everything else, life gets in the way, and they beat me to the punch.  He is reliably signing: more, please, milk, water, all done, up... that's all I can think of.  It's so nice being able to communicate with him before his speech is 'there!'

Don't get me wrong, he's talking a little bit.  As I mentioned in my list, he's saying: Dada, Mama, car, Grandma, dog (which usually comes out dog-dog), woof-woof, otter, water, a couple of his friends' names at daycare, yeah/no (which both kinda sound the same and are used interchangeably?).  He's really into mimicking people right now, so that's been a lot of fun.

I think I'm going to pause this little monologue and continue it in my next post... don't want to bore you TOO badly...

* * *

I am so very excited that Nick at Nite has been running episodes of Friends!!  I liked the show when it was on, but I really adore it now.  Maybe someday when money is flowing again, I'll invest in the series on DVD.  It's definitely one that I could watch over and over.

Oh, and one more thought.  It's seven days til Christmas.  I haven't wrapped a single gift.  Uh oh!  I mean, it won't take nearly as long as usual since we had to go SOOO very light on gifts this year, but still.  Our tree currently has nothing under it, and that part kinda drives the point home about how broke we are, so I should really get it fixed.  Hopefully tomorrow I can bring myself to start wrapping the few things we did buy!  We have three gifts for Aidan, nothing for each other, and two gifts for the family Christmas drawing.  That's it.  It's nice not to spend the weeks leading up to Christmas in such a frantic tizzy of shopping... but it's hard too, because my favorite part of Christmas is spoiling those I love and making them happy.  So it's a bit of an adjustment for us.

How is your holiday season going??


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Picture perfect mom?! Hahaha! Now you are back to reality!! I just stick with my many ideas, so little time! Your boy is happy & healthy. That is the true picture of perfection!

Jim and April said...

For several years my friend would get me a Friends season on DVD for my birthday and now I have the whole set and LOVE them! I feel like they are my friends or family husband always teases my friend and I because we will talk about friends moments on the show as like we were there or something haha ;0)